What We Do

We aim to make your working life easier by eliminating the boring, repetitive and error-prone tasks around collecting information from different places and making sure it is going where it is needed.
We look at the problem with a pair of fresh eyes and work with you to understand whether it is an issue with data collection, extraction or import/reporting.
Solutions could range from some funky formulas in Excel through to a web based tool you had not considered or a bespoke application that can run on your phone or a web browser. Wherever possile we use stuff you already own like Excel, Word, Access or SQL Server. If that does not meet the needs we will research and advise on tools that are available for free (Open Source) or have small price tags to get started and use someone else’s computers to host the solution (SaaS – Software as a service). If we still can’t find a good solution then we will write one for you. Google, Amazon and Microsoft have built up brilliant services which mean that developing and running software solutions has never been easier. We always use technology that your team can support where possible so if you have a PHP developer, we won’t write it in Node. Software that is written to run in the Cloud (i.e. other people’s computers) can be run for very small sums of money – sometimes just pence a week! and you will only pay for what you use – no more £1500 per user licence fees.

And we won’t lock you in to a vendor contract either. Code we write for you is on a shared basis, this means that you can do what you want with it within your own company or group. Share it with other divisions, develop it yourselves or hire someone else to look after it for you – we don’t mind (but we would hope that you choose us because you think we are great). We can also take that solution and share it with our customer base or build on it to create a complete product – this is how we keep our development costs down.

Here are some example projects we have worked on:
A care company needed to manage their quotations – they were unable to find the relevant quotes because they did not follow a good convention of how to name the files or where they put them. We built an Excel workbook that enabled them to put the customer details and care packages into a form, When they pressed the button, the quote was saved as a PDF with a name of QuoteNumber_CustomerName_QuoteDate.pdf and was automatically emailed to the address saved in the spreadsheet. A list of the quotes raised was kept in a separate sheet and by clicking on the quote details in the workbook, you could open the relevant PDF.

A housing association received a PDF from the council with benefits data for anything up to 400 tenants. They were manually keying in the payment amounts against the tenancy in their housing system so that it matched the finance system. We worked out a way to electronically read the data from the PDF and format it so that it could be imported into the housing system, saving them 2 days a month and 100% accuracy.

An Amazon reseller buys surplus stock at auction. We built a process that would ‘scrape’ the information off the auction site, look it up on Amazon, work out how much he could afford to bid on the auction site and for approved products, we could bid on the site on his behalf. When he received the auction invoice as a PDF, we then extracted the information and added the products to his Amazon stock and arranged a shipment request. This one piece of automation allowed him to avoid having to hire an assistant just to process the paperwork.