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E4 Consulting

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Recency, Frequency, Value

It is oft quoted in the Mail Order industry that it is 4 times harder to recruit a new customer than it is to sell to an existing one. The ability to work your loyal customer base as hard and efficiently as possible can make the difference between a successful and a struggling business. By using tried and tested methods of assesing your customer list based on the volume and value of past purchases we can determine which customers are likely to be profitable on a more freqent contact basis and which are better left to their own devices

Buying Motivators

Taking the RFV concept further, we can analyse your customers based on their purchase patterns:- Are they sale buyers, do they always purchase in the spring. Do they like to buy in bulk, are they attracted by free postage etc.. Only by performing complex analysis on your data can these patterns be identified. We have a range of standard and bespoke tools for processing your data to uncover these gems of information.

Data Cleanse and Purge

One of the quickest ways to lose customer loyalty is to send them multiple mailings under different names or addresses. Not only are you wasting money on these communications, you are also losing the ability to accurately analyse your RFV. Using complex pattern matching techniques we can identify actual and potential duplicates and apply data merge and purge to your customer lists. Where your customers have moved away, registered with the Mailing Preference Service or been recorded as deceased, we can also match against these lists and validate and update postcodes against exsisting addresses.